Can You Paint an Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt driveways are popular among homeowners due to their durability and affordability. However, over time, the surface of an asphalt driveway can become faded, stained, or damaged. While some homeowners may choose to replace their driveway entirely, others may wonder if it is possible to paint an asphalt driveway. In this article, we will explore whether you can paint an asphalt driveway, as well as the pros and cons of doing so.


Can You Paint an Asphalt Driveway

The short answer is yes, you can paint an asphalt driveway. However, it is important to understand that painting asphalt driveway differs from painting a concrete surface. Unlike concrete, which can be painted with various types of paint, asphalt requires a specialized paint known as asphalt driveway sealer.

Asphalt driveway sealer is a type of paint specifically designed for asphalt surfaces. It contains a mixture of asphalt cement and other materials that help bind the paint to the driveway’s surface, creating a durable and long-lasting finish. Asphalt driveway sealer is available in a range of colors, allowing homeowners to customize the look of their driveway to suit their preferences.


Pros of Painting an Asphalt Driveway

  1. Improves Curb Appeal – One of the most significant benefits of painting asphalt driveway is that it can enhance the overall curb appeal of a home. A fresh coat of paint can help to restore the deep black color of an asphalt driveway, making it look new again.
  2. Protects Against UV Rays – Sunlight can cause asphalt to fade and become brittle. By painting an asphalt driveway with a high-quality sealer, homeowners can protect their driveway against damage from UV rays, helping it to last longer.
  3. Resists Stains and Spills – Asphalt driveway sealer is resistant to oil, gasoline, and other automotive fluids that can stain or damage the surface of an asphalt driveway. It makes it easier to clean up spills and keeps the driveway looking clean and well-maintained.
  4. Cost-Effective – Painting an asphalt driveway is generally less expensive than replacing it. While the cost of asphalt driveway sealer varies based on the size of the driveway and other factors, it is generally much more affordable than tearing out and replacing an entire driveway.


Cons of Painting an Asphalt Driveway

  1. Limited Color Options: While asphalt driveway sealer is available in various colors, the options are still somewhat limited compared to traditional paint. Homeowners looking for a specific color or finish may not be able to find what they are looking for in asphalt driveway sealer.
  2. Requires Preparation – Painting an asphalt driveway requires proper preparation before applying the sealer. It includes cleaning the driveway’s surface, filling any cracks or potholes, and allowing the surface to dry completely. Failure to properly prepare the driveway’s surface can result in poor adhesion and a shorter lifespan for the sealer.
  3. May Require Maintenance – While asphalt driveway sealer is durable, it is not immune to wear and tear. Over time, the sealer may begin to crack, fade, or peel, requiring maintenance to restore its appearance and protect the surface of the driveway.
  4. Limited Lifespan: While painting an asphalt driveway with sealer can extend its lifespan, it will eventually need to be replaced. Depending on the quality of the sealer and the conditions in which the driveway is exposed, the sealer may last anywhere from 1-3 years before needing to be reapplied.


In conclusion, painting an asphalt driveway with sealer can be a great way to improve its appearance and protect it against damage from the elements. However, homeowners should carefully consider the pros and cons before deciding whether or not to paint their driveway. While affordable and effective, it may not be the best choice for every situation. Homeowners unsure whether painting their asphalt driveway is right for them should consult a professional contractor for advice.


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