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For homeowners and businesses alike, your pavement represents a substantial investment —and professional asphalt maintenance is the best way to protect and preserve that investment.

In Salt Lake City, A-Rock Asphalt Services specializes in the installation, patching, repair and maintenance of asphalt pavement.

We work hard to keep our customers’ pavement in tip-top condition, year after year. And that’s no small feat, thanks to the harsh weather conditions we experience in northern Utah.

We know from experience that when you take the time to do the job right, your customers recognize it. We have built our business on attention to detail and exceptional quality in every job we do —no matter how large or small.

From the smallest driveway project to massive parking lots and roadways, we deliver value and exceptional service at the lowest possible price.


Maintaining your paved surfaces is the only way to maximize their lifespans and keep them in good shape.

Over time, pavement develops tiny cracks and fissures. These openings allow water to penetrate the surface and leak into the structure of the asphalt. Moisture alone can take its toll, but when winter rolls around, the threat for significant damage increases.

When water freezes inside the asphalt, it pushes on the material and breaks the chemical bonds that hold it together. The cracks grow, allowing more moisture inside. Before long, bits of asphalt begin to break away. Vehicle traffic, especially snowplows, trucks and heavy equipment, expedites the damage.

Before long, you have growing potholes and unsafe, uneven surfaces.


If you have asphalt paving in the Salt Lake City area, the short answer is yes, you definitely need maintenance.

Maintaining your pavement keeps cracks sealed and moisture out —and that prevents costly damage. Spending a modest sum on annual maintenance minimizes the need for extensive patching and costly repairs.

Keeping your paved surfaces well maintained also keeps them looking great and helps prevent injuries, accidents and damage.

We recommend that you schedule an annual inspection and maintenance service with the A-Rock team. This allows us to identify small cracks and issues and deal with them before they turn into costly problems. Our services help you save money and ensure that you get the maximum possible life from your asphalt surfaces.


We are honored that our loyal customer base trusts us to take care of their driveways, sport courts, parking lots and roads. Through summer’s brutal heat and rain to winter’s ice and snow, we keep your paved surfaces looking and performing their best.

In addition to our periodic asphalt maintenance services, we help our customers get even more life out oftheir pavement. We take the time to educate you and provide tips that let you handle some routine maintenance tasks, such as removing oil spots as quickly as possible.

Don’t trust the ongoing care of your paved surfaces to chance. The A-Rock team takes care of your investment as through it were our own. No matter how large or how small your project might be, we will provide the exceptional service and affordable pricing we have become known for.

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