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In Salt Lake City, asphalt seal coating is one of the best ways to preserve your paved surfaces and protect them from harm.

Our weather extremes are hard on your pavement, and unless you keep the surface sealed and protected from the elements, cracks and potholes will quickly develop.

When you trust A-Rock Asphalt Services to handle your repair, maintenance and sealing needs, you can rest assured that you will get the longest possible life out ofyour pavement. We keep your asphalt looking great too, which reflects well on your home or your business.

Protect Your Asphalt with Seal Coating

Moisture and temperature extremes —both heat and cold —are the natural enemies of pavement. Between the freezing temperatures of our Utah winters and the excessive heat of our summers, pavement shrinks and expands. Inevitably, small cracks form, allowing moisture to penetrate the surface of the asphalt.

And that’s when the trouble really kicks into high gear.

During the winter, moisture that becomes trapped in the pavement freezes during the night, pushing on the chemical bonds of the asphalt. This freeze/thaw cycle repeats day after day, month after month, until the integrity of the asphalt gives way.

When your asphalt is maintained regularly and sealed as often as necessary, you avoid this vicious and damaging cycle. Sealcoating rejuvenates the asphalt surface, protecting it from the elements and giving it a brand-new look.

When Should You Get Asphalt Seal Coating?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. If your pavement doesn’t play host to heavy vehicle traffic, you may not need sealcoating as often as someone with a busy, commercial parking lot or a well-traveled roadway.

How often you should schedule your sealing project also depends on the type of seal coat you select. Chip sealing and similar methods combine aggregate materials with high-tech sealants to essentially add a protective layer on top of your existing pavement.

In general, you should consider scheduling sealcoating every two to five years, depending on your location and circumstances. If you elect to use a chip sealing or slurry sealing approach, you may not have to worry about your asphalt again for a decade or more.

Trust Our Expert Asphalt Seal Coating Company

We take great pride in our work and provide exceptional value for our customers. We know how important it is to preserve your paved surfaces, so you get the maximum life and performance from your asphalt.

We can assist you with sealing and sealcoating for residential and commercial projects of any size or scope.

Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and cost estimate. We can discuss your Salt Lake City area project and recommend the best approach to asphalt sealing for your goals and budget.

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