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Concrete Paving Services in Utah

A-Rock Asphalt Services is the preferred concrete paving and flatwork contractor of residential and commercial customers throughout the Salt Lake City area.

Concrete is a truly amazing paving material. It can be poured to conform to virtually any configuration but, upon curing, it becomes a highly durable and infinitely versatile paving material.

With our wealth of knowledge and experience, the A-Rock team can deliver for you, no matter how large or how small your project may be. We provide best-in-class customer service with quick turnaround and affordable, transparent pricing.

Utah’s Concrete Paving & Flatwork Experts

The A-Rock Asphalt Services team can assist you with concrete walkways, driveways, retaining walls and more.

We devote extensive time and effort to preparing the site, long before the concrete arrives. We go the extra mile during this phase because it helps ensure the long-term durability of the finished product. Without this level of diligence, your concrete could crack and begin to degrade under the harsh northern Utah weather conditions.

Installed properly, concrete surfaces require very little maintenance yet provide a long, reliable life. In fact, according to the Utah chapter of the American Concrete Pavement Associationconcrete paving surfaces last, on average, more than three decades and, over the life of the surface, cost almost 30% less than alternative materials

Concrete Paving: Quality Durable, Affordable & Safe

Overall, both concrete and asphalt paving offer a variety of environmentally friendly features. For example, asphalt is highly recyclable. Concrete offers its own host of advantages if you’re committed to an environmentally friendly option.

Concrete paving is exceptionally durable and requires less maintenance. Because it reflects light rather than absorbs it, areas paved in concrete require less energy to light. Concrete surfaces even help reduce traffic noise

You’ll enjoy a high level of safety also, when you choose concrete for your paved surfaces. Since it doesn’t develop potholes and ruts, water doesn’t pool and create a hazard

Concrete Paving That Stands Up to Utah’s Challenges

Concrete surfaces have long been valued for their durability and exceptional performance.

This material can endure years or even decades of Utah’s harshest weather extremes, even under heavy use. Even better, concrete surfaces require minimal maintenance – no worries about crumbling, erosion or potholes.

And, because concrete paving is virtually impervious to weather conditions, you will enjoy improved safety all year long.

The beauty of concrete, whether left in its natural state or enhanced with color or texture, provides a clean, contemporary look at that enhances the appearance of any home or business.

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