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A-Rock Asphalt Services provides expert asphalt striping and restriping for customers throughout the Salt Lake City area.

Whether your lot is modest or massive, striping ensures safety and the proper flow of traffic. Visible lines, symbols and markings also keep you compliant with ADA requirements and municipal code. Your parking lot may be the first impression customers get of your visitors, so it’s important to present the most professional image possible.

Choosing an expert to handle your asphalt markings —such as the A-Rock team —ensures that your striping will remain fresh and vibrant for as long as possible.

Highest-Quality Line Striping

Today’s high-tech striping paints are designed to provide maximum visibility and durability. Unfortunately, different paving companies use different products, some of which fail to deliver the best results.

We use only the best vehicle-grade, anti-slip paint products. Our products have the proper chemical composition for maximum adherence. This helps prevent chipping and peeling. Our asphalt paints are also formulated to be UVresistant, minimizing fading and dulling.

Our experienced teams employ state-of-the-art technology for application to ensure a crisp, professional result every time.

Restriping Services in Salt Lake City

Over time, all parking lot striping needs to be refreshed, especially in high-traffic locations. When you’re ready for restriping, call on us to provide the exceptional quality and value we are known for.

Many of our customers combine their asphalt restriping services with periodic maintenance, repairs or seal-coating services. This ensures the best results and maximum durability.

We specialize in striping revisions and we can assist you with improving your lot’s layout and flow. This helps get your visitors in and out quickly and safely, while providing ample room for parking and navigation.

Your Asphalt Striping Experts

A-Rock Asphalt Services understands the importance of providing exceptional service and proactive communication. We are dedicated to quality workmanship and attention to detail —both critical when it comes to asphalt striping.

As a full-service asphalt paving company, we can assist you with everything from installing new pavement to patching potholes and sealing cracks. We work hard to keep your paved surfaces in the best possible condition, so you get the maximum life from your investment.

Throughout the Salt Lake City area, we offer both residential and commercial striping services, including sport court striping. We can advise you on ADA and local code requirements to ensure you provide the necessary accessibility for your commercial or public facility. We also help you identify potential height or sloping hazards. Prominently marking these features helps improve safety and reduce potential liability issues.

Contact us today to learn more about our company or to request a cost estimate for your asphalt striping or restriping project.

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