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The Myth Surrounding Allen Park Salt Lake City

Allen Park is a unique park that rests on an 8-acre strip of land along Emigration Creek. And it has been considered as one of the most beautiful treasures of Salt Lake City since it was established in 1931. It became the residence of Dr. George and Ruth Allen where they also built a place for the exotic bird collection before it was recently purchased by the city for $7.5 million and turn into a public recreational area.

But for many years, Allen Park is often a subject of urban legend where rumors of a supposed “Hobbitville” within that area. And it’s causing a lot of intrigue among local residents and tourists if this story is true.

Learn more about the myth surrounding Allen Park Salt Lake City as you continue reading this post.


A Place For “Small People”

Allen Park is already known to many as a sanctuary for birds, peacocks, and waterfowls and the name ‘Allen Park’ is widely known throughout Salt Lake City, especially that it has recently opened to the public after being closed for 50 years. But to the residents of Sugar House, the place is known as “Hobbitville.”

Why is this so?

According to rumors, Allen Park is supposedly a neighborhood filled with small houses where magical hobbits (like the little people from the movie, “The Lord of the Rings”), gnomes, and evil creatures are said to reside. This neighborhood is allegedly located within the grounds of the Sugar House area. And what’s fascinating about this tale is that these supernatural creatures would not hesitate to chase and kill you if you mistakenly trespass their territory. Which makes sense why residents in this area are very protective and would ward off anyone who is looking for proof about this myth. More

The Truth About The ‘Hobbitville’ Myth

The main reason why Allen Park is often misnamed as Hobbitville is because of the coincidentally small architecture of the houses and buildings within the park. The structures are so small even by normal standards. That’s why most of the people living in these houses are without families or kids.

Aside from that, the kids in the city were said to be the ones responsible for perpetuating the myth and also visiting teenagers from other states.


Final Thoughts

The myth surrounding Allen Park is nothing more than just an urban legend. But nonetheless, there is a kernel of truth about this legend, and that is this a park filled with tiny houses in the Sugar House area.

Although it would be a scary and exciting thought to find an actual hobbit dwelling where mystical creatures lie, these beings are only figments of imagination. And it will remain that way until science is able to come up with tangible evidence to validate the existence of these beings.

Still, Allen Park is a recommended place for nature lovers as it is home to 700 wildlife and bird species with uniquely constructed rental cabins and a mesmerizing view unlike any other. Next Article >>>

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