Spiral Jetty

Spiral Jetty Salt Lake City: A Unique Man-Made Marvel

The Spiral Jetty is a popular tourist attraction in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is located at the banks of the northeastern part of Great Salt Lake and was designed by renowned sculptor, Robert Smithson. The reason why this attraction became famous is because it is unique among all the attractions in the area despite the changing water conditions.

Get to know more about this one-of-a-kind piece of art as we explore Spiral Jetty Salt Lake City: a unique man-made marvel in today’s entry.


What Is It?

Spiral Jetty is a popular earthwork sculpture that was constructed in April of 1970 by Robert Smithson. To be specific, it is a swirling landmark made of mud, basalt rock, and salt crystals that stretches up to 1,500 ft. long and 15 ft. wide into the banks of the Great Salt Lake near Rozel Point to form a counterclockwise coil from the coastline. Additional info

The original design of the sculpture was to have a spiral with a center island. And during its construction, the residents wanted to stop the project so the land would be used for another purpose. The level of water increased after the completion of the project, which made the sculptor submerged underwater until 1993. It became fully visible again in 1995 when the water levels were dropping, only to find it immersed again after a short period of time.

Then, it re-appeared again in 2002 but this time it will be mostly visible depending on the rising water levels of the lake.

Last year was Spiral Jetty’s 50th anniversary (April, 2020).

What To Expect?

Here are some tips that you can follow so you can make the most of your Spiral Jetty adventure:

Arrival – The parking area in the place is small and yet it offers a magnificent view of the attraction. And if you want to get closer, there is a short rocky path that leads the way directly to the jetty. Upon getting into the sculpture, you will notice that the jetty is surrounded by mud and dry sand.

Also, there are 2 short rails from the parking lot located on the other side. And these lead to higher grounds where you can have a top view of the Spiral Jetty.

Visitors – The place attracts hundreds, if not thousands of tourists each year. And everyone is welcome to roam around and look at the jetty from different angles. Taking pictures is also encouraged to keep a record of your visit. A great place to also visit is Willow Pond Park

Water Levels – The jetty can only be seen when the level of water is at 4,195 ft. It may remain underwater for 30 years, but people can see it above water as it will not stay submerged the same time as before. Even so, you may expect the attraction to look different during your visit due to the changing water conditions.

Additional Tip: When you go there, make sure to gas up your car and have a full tank as the jetty is 40 miles away from the nearest gas station (at Corinne, Utah).


Final Thoughts

Although seasons, water levels, and human interaction continue to change, the beauty of Spiral Jetty remains the same. And it will certainly be a treat if you visit this place with your family or friends.

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