Seven Peaks Resort Water Park

Did you know Seven Peaks Resort Water Park spans over 26 acres, making it Utah’s largest water park?

You’ll find endless opportunities to let loose and have fun here. With more than 15 exhilarating water slides and attractions, you’re sure to find your freedom, whether it’s plunging down a heart-stopping slide or floating leisurely along the lazy river.

The resort’s family-friendly amenities ensure everyone’s needs are catered to. Seven Peaks is more than just a water park, it’s a destination where you can leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in the thrill of the moment.

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Exploring Seven Peaks Water Park

At Seven Peaks Water Park, you’ll discover a multitude of thrilling water slides, relaxing lazy rivers, and refreshing pools that cater to every member of your family. Every corner you turn, there’s a new adventure waiting for you.

The slides aren’t your typical backyard variety. They’re towering, winding, and filled with twists and turns that’ll make your heart race. You might find yourself on the ‘Typhoon,’ a high-speed body slide, or the ‘Free Fall,’ a drop slide that’s not for the faint-hearted. For the little ones, there’s ‘Tadpole Pond’, a miniature water park with its own slides and splash zones.

Then, there’s the lazy river. It’s the perfect escape from the adrenaline rush. Grab a tube, lay back, and let the gentle current carry you around the park. You’ll pass under bridges, past beautiful landscapes, and might even get a surprise splash from a waterfall or two.

For a more relaxed experience, there are several pools. Whether you want to swim laps, play a game of Marco Polo, or simply cool off, there’s a pool for you. At Seven Peaks, freedom, fun, and family come together in a perfect summer blend.

Thrilling Water Slides and Pools

In Seven Peaks, you’ll find a thrilling array of water slides and pools that’ll test your courage and cool you off. With a variety of slides to choose from, you’re sure to find one that suits your thrill factor. For the adrenaline junkies, try the Free Fall, a high-speed slide that’ll send you plummeting straight down into the pool below.

If you’re looking for something a little less intense but still fun, the Lazy River is a great option. This slow-moving, winding waterway allows you to float leisurely, taking in the park’s scenic views.

For the young ones, there’s the Kid’s Zone, a safe and fun area filled with smaller slides and interactive water features. But don’t underestimate the fun in the Wave Pool. Here, you’ll experience the ocean’s tides in a safe environment. With waves reaching up to three feet high, it’s an exciting challenge for both kids and adults.

Family-Friendly Amenities and Services

You’ll find that Seven Peaks isn’t just about thrilling water rides; it’s also packed with family-friendly amenities and services designed for a comfortable and enjoyable day out. The park offers a variety of food and drink options, from grab-and-go snacks to sit-down meals, ensuring everyone in the family is catered for.

For those who fancy a break from the water, there’s a spacious picnic area where you can relax and refuel. You can bring your own food or take advantage of the park’s onsite dining options. There’s also plenty of shade to escape the heat of the day.

If you’ve forgotten any essentials, don’t worry. The park’s store stocks a range of items from sunscreen to swimsuits. For your convenience, lockers are available to rent for the day, so you can keep your belongings safe while you enjoy the park.

Younger kids aren’t left out either. With dedicated toddler areas, including a shallow pool and splash pads, they can have fun in a safe, controlled environment.

For the ultimate relaxing experience, consider renting a cabana. With lounge chairs, a table, and privacy, it’s the perfect spot to unwind.

At Seven Peaks, everyone’s needs are considered, making it a true family-friendly destination.

Visitor’s Guide to Seven Peaks Resort

Planning your trip to Seven Peaks Resort requires a bit of insider knowledge to make the most of your family’s day out. First off, arrive early. The park opens at 10 AM, and getting there on time lets you grab the best spots for relaxation. Don’t forget the sunscreen and hats – Utah’s sun can be intense.

Next, map out your day. There are thrill-inducing rides like the Free Fall and Typhoon Tunnel for adrenaline junkies, while the Lazy River and Tidal Beach are perfect if you’re seeking tranquility. For the youngest members of the family, there’s the Tadpole Pond.

Hungry? There’s a variety of food options, from burgers and pizzas to healthier alternatives like salads. You’re not permitted to bring in outside food, but you can exit and reenter the park if you’d like to picnic elsewhere.

Lastly, remember to check the daily events schedule. You don’t want to miss out on fun-filled activities like Dive-In Movies or Dance Parties that could make your visit even more memorable.

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