How Long Should an Asphalt Driveway Last?

When considering rebuilding or upgrading your property, you may ask how long your asphalt driveway should be. Many homeowners do not know the standards for installing their asphalt driveway. It is essential to know the recommended size of the driveway for it to serve its purpose effectively.


There are numerous elements to consider while determining the appropriate length and width of asphalt paving for one’s asphalt driveway. This post will examine these critical factors, as well as the optimal length and width of your driveway for optimal utilization.


Factors To Consider for Your Driveway’s Size

When determining the appropriate size for an asphalt driveway, homeowners should consider the following factors:

  • The number of automobiles parked in the driveway;
  • The type and size of the vehicles;
  • The property surrounds the driveway;
  • City codes or local ordinances; and
  • Other parking requirements


The length and width of the driveway should be determined by the owner’s needs, convenience, and intended use. There should be sufficient space to park and easy navigation while avoiding damage to the pavement. You should be able to walk comfortably beside your car and quickly load and unload groceries and other items.


The Standard Driveway Size (Length and Width)

It is critical to know the sizing standards of the driveway because it serves as the minimum requirement to have a perfect asphalt driveway. It is also your discretion to improve your driveway to fit your preferences and ensure your convenience in using it.


Here are the recommended sizes of an asphalt driveway that you can use as a guide:


Single Car/Residential Driveway

Standard Width: 10 to 12 feet


It is the standard size of the driveway for an SUV or regular pickup truck. It is the minimum requirement recommended by experts. If you choose to build a driveway of lesser size, expect to experience difficulty and inconvenience. But if you think that the standard sizing is not enough for the kind of vehicle you have, you can choose to make it bigger to fit your car.


Double Driveway

Standard Width: 20 to 24 feet


The minimum standard width for two cars of 20 feet is just enough to give them enough space. Still, it is also recommended to consider the ideal option of 24 feet. It is for you to manageably open and close the two cars without compromising your cars’ space and safety.


Circular/Horseshoe Driveway Driveway

Standard Width: 12 feet


It is the minimum space recommended for a circular or horseshoe-style driveway. This width will allow vehicles to move freely without damaging the driveway or hitting anything along the driveway area.


Parking Space Dimension

Each car has a standard space dimension of 10’W x 22’L. This dimension is sufficient to provide a comfortable environment for vehicle owners as they go out and in the car, loading and unloading their things.


Final Thoughts

Always remember the functional purpose of asphalt paving on your driveway. Even a few inches wider driveways can help prevent you or your visitors from driving over the edges, resulting in asphalt damage and cracking.


By following the minimum width, you can prevent possible damage to your driveway and anything near it.

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