How is Asphalt Laid

This blog post will focus on asphalt paving, a service A-Rock Asphalt Services offers. Asphalt is generally preferred to pave roadways, driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces. It is relatively easy to apply and provides a durable, smooth surface.


Preliminary Steps

Before asphalt can be installed, some things need to be performed as preparation. Among these steps are:

  • Project planning: The initial step is making a plan for the asphalt pavement project. It entails determining the size and scope of the project, securing appropriate permits, and detecting any issues that need to be solved.

  • Preparing the surface: Asphalting requires surface preparation. Asphalt usually has a strong base after compacting the soil, removing old pavement, and grading for drainage.

  • Applying a base layer: Once the surface has been prepared, a base layer of aggregate material is applied. This layer gives the finished asphalt pavement more solidity and aids in leveling it.


Laying the Asphalt

After completing all the preliminary work, it is time to start laying down the asphalt. This technique usually follows these steps:

  1. Heating the asphalt: Large trucks typically deliver to the job site. Before usage, it must be heated to (300°F) 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This guarantees that the asphalt is in a liquid form and can be easily dispersed across the surface.

  2. Spreading the asphalt: After being heated, it is spread using a paving machine onto the area that has been previously prepared. The asphalt is distributed evenly by the machine, ensuring the consistency is level and smooth.

  3. Compacting the asphalt: The asphalt must be compacted once it has been evenly dispersed to ensure it will last longer and not degrade quickly. The procedure is facilitated by a roller machine, which applies proper weight and pressure to the surface to compact the asphalt and guarantee that it is tightly and densely packed.

  4. Adding a second layer (optional): After compacting the first layer of asphalt, the surface may get an additional layer. Usually, it’s done for locations with a significant amount of traffic or to add more durability.

  5. Finishing touches: Once the asphalt has been laid and compacted, any necessary finishing touches are completed. It includes trimming the edges of the asphalt to create a neat appearance and applying any essential pavement markings or striping.


A-Rock Asphalt Services: Working with a Professional Paving Company

A-Rock Asphalt Services is a trusted provider of asphalt paving services in the United States. We offer numerous services, including:

  • Asphalt paving for roads, driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces
  • Asphalt repair and maintenance services
  • Sealcoating to protect asphalt surfaces from damage

A-Rock Asphalt Services has a team of experienced professionals who are experts in laying asphalt. Every project is executed to the highest standard using cutting-edge technology and methods.

Asphalt pavement surfaces are durable, smooth, and easy to install. Asphalt installation involves several processes, including initial surface preparation, heating and layering the asphalt, compacting the surface, and performing any required finishing touches.

A-Rock Asphalt Services is a reputable paving company that can assist you if you need assistance with asphalt pavement. Our knowledge and dedication to perfection will deliver an asphalt surface that meets your needs and lasts. Contact us today to start planning your next asphalt paving project!

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