Crushed Asphalt For Driveway

Asphalt is a popular material used for building driveways that are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. But what if there was an even better option? Crushed asphalt, also known as recycled asphalt, has been increasing in popularity as a driveway material due to its cost-effectiveness and eco-friendliness.

Read more as we will explore the benefits of using crushed asphalt for driveways in today’s post.


What Is Crushed Asphalt?

Recycled asphalt materials are crushed and compacted to form crushed asphalt, which can be used as a base material for new asphalt pavement or as a material for driveways. This involves grinding down old asphalt from various surfaces, such as roads and parking lots, into small pieces, which are then screened to remove any impurities.

Benefits of Using Crushed Asphalt for Driveways

  1. Cost-Effective – Using crushed asphalt for driveways is cost-effective due to its recycled nature; it is significantly cheaper than purchasing brand new asphalt, as it can save you up to 25% when compared to traditional asphalt materials.
  2. Eco-Friendly – Using crushed asphalt is both budget-friendly and environmentally responsible. This approach decreases the amount of asphalt sent to landfills and reduces waste. Furthermore, producing and transporting new asphalt has a considerable environmental impact, while using crushed asphalt decreases the need for these processes.
  3. Durability – The durability of crushed asphalt is remarkable and it can sustain extreme weather and heavy traffic easily. It is flexible enough to move with the ground and thus there is less chance of any damage, such as cracks or shifts. Moreover, the surface provided by the compact and solid material is stable enough for smooth vehicular movement.
  4. Easy Maintenance – Keeping up with a crushed asphalt is simple. You just need to sweep it occasionally and fix any cracks or potholes that might appear. Unlike traditional asphalt, you don’t have to apply any kind of sealant to it, which saves time and money on maintenance.
  5. Aesthetics – Using crushed asphalt for your driveway offers a distinct appearance that sets it apart from asphalt or standard concrete driveways. With its rough and textured appearance, crushed asphalt can enhance the aesthetic of your property with its rustic charm.

Installation Process

To install a crushed asphalt driveway, you follow the same process as with a traditional driveway made of asphalt. Start by excavating the designated area and clearing it of any debris or plants. Next, ensure that the ground is level and compacted to provide a sturdy foundation for the crushed asphalt material.

To install crushed asphalt on a driveway, the material is spread uniformly on the surface and then compressed using heavy equipment. It should settle for a few days before use. The cost of installation depends on driveway size and complexity. If taken care of properly, crushed asphalt can last for many years.

To be specific, the size of the driveway will affect the cost of crushed asphalt installation. A smaller driveway costs less than a larger one, while the complexity of the installation process will also affect the overall cost. The average cost for installing a crushed asphalt on a driveway is in the range of $2,000 to $4,500.

Also, the complexity of the installation process will also matter. If you have a lot of terrain to work with, like hills and slopes, the installation process can be more difficult and require specialized equipment. This will also add to the cost of installing a crushed asphalt.

Tips for Maintaining Crushed Asphalt Driveways

  • Sweep the driveway regularly to remove leaves, dirt, and debris that can accumulate on the surface.
  • Fill in any cracks or potholes as soon as they appear to prevent further damage to the surface.
  • Avoid parking heavy equipment or vehicles in one spot for an extended period of time, as this can cause depressions in the surface.
  • Consider adding a layer of gravel or another material over the top of the crushed asphalt to create a more uniform surface.

Why Hire An Expert Contractor To Install Crushed Asphalt On Your Driveway?

Hiring an expert contractor to install your crushed asphalt on the driveway can help ensure the job is done right and that you get a durable, long-lasting product. An experienced contractor will have the knowledge and skills necessary to properly prepare the area before installation and use professional grade materials for the job.

Additionally, they can provide tips on how to maintain your asphalt driveway to ensure it stays in good condition for years to come.

Working with a professional contractor is the best way to guarantee your driveway made of crushed asphalt will be installed correctly and provide you with the best possible results.



Overall, using crushed asphalt for driveways is a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional asphalt materials. The material is highly durable, easy to maintain, and provides a unique look that can add visual interest to any property. By considering the benefits of using crushed asphalt, you can make an informed decision about whether this material is right for your driveway needs.

If you decide to have a crushed asphalt installed, be sure to hire an experienced contractor who can guarantee the job is done properly and provide tips on how to maintain your driveway.

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