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A Simple Guide To Liberty Park Salt Lake City

Liberty Park is an established public park in Salt Lake City, Utah, serving several community recreation purposes. And being the second largest park in the city, this amazing attraction has a lot of features like ponds, WiFi, and an aviary. But most importantly, it is a place that defines the history of Salt Lake City and its Mormon population.

So what to do in this park? There are lots of different activities for everyone. And we invite you to continue reading as we’ll give you this simple guide to Liberty Park Salt Lake City in today’s post.


A City Oasis Since 1881

Before Liberty Park was founded, the place where the park now lies was originally a 5-acre piece of land that was assigned to Isaac Chase, a Mormon Pioneer. And before we came to know this site as Liberty Park, it was known by other names: Forest Park, Mill Farm, and Locust Patch – which is also a picturesque location with a clear water spring.

Chase eventually purchased lands in the surrounding area to operate his own mill and plant locust trees. And by 1860, the land was sold to Brigham Young where he also planted cottonwood and mulberry.

Twenty-one years later, the city purchased this land from Mr. Young to turn it into a recreational site, and it became Liberty Park. Learn more.

See And Do

Liberty Park rests in a highly residential area, and the park’s attractions are located within its 80-acre limit. And aside from the ponds, trees, jogging paths, and tennis courts, the park is also the site of the Tracy Aviary, the only dedicated aviary in Salt Lake City.

In addition, you can also visit learn more about the history of the Utah by visiting the Chase Home Museum and Utah Heritage Museum, which are also located within Liberty Park.

Like many other parks, there are many things to do here in Liberty Park. You can hang out and check out the place solo or you can walk around with family and friends and visit the attractions they offer. Bring the kids! There’s plenty of things for kids to do in Liberty Park and take part in a family portrait session. There’s a wide variety of photo opportunities, so you can bring your children to the park and get a unique picture each time.

And when you’re feeling hungry, there are lots of restaurants near Liberty Park that you can check out. Some of the recommended dine-in spots to visit are the Channon Thai which serves delicately flavored and deeply aromatic dishes and Ruby River for an authentic American Steakhouse experience.

Travelers Tips

It’s always recommended to dress accordingly by wearing a nice pair of comfortable shoes, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of standing activities like exploring the Tracy Aviary and marvel at the sights around. Also, wear something warm if you’re going to visit the park during winter time as Liberty Park can really get cold.

Finally, always plan ahead as the park can get really busy, especially during Sundays of summertime. To find out more about their schedules, please check out their website to get more info about what’s going to happen at the week of your visit. More about Salt Lake City here >>

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