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Fun Things Your Kids Can Do In Rose Park Salt Lake City

Rose Park rests in a community just a few miles from Salt Lake City and there are many things to do in this neighborhood, especially for kids. It’s true that we live in an age where children are mostly exposed to technology that they rarely find time spending time outdoors and play with their friends with the usual games. But once you take them to Rose Park, you’ll find a lot of activities they can do through the Tinkergarden classes where they learn through play along with you and the other parents.

Read more as we’ll talk about some of the fun things your kids can do in Rose Park Salt Lake City and get to know these activities that deliver long-term learning benefits for your children.


Provide An Enjoyable Learning Experience To Your Kids With Tinkergarden Classes

Tinkergarden classes are expertly designed play scenarios to challenge children as they play and learn with a supportive mixed-aged group. The activities are facilitated by certified and trained Tinkergarden leaders who provide fun lessons and seasonal themes with the participation of parents.

The activities are suitable for kids ages 6 to 18 months and their core program for 8 months to 8 yrs. Old.

Some Of Tinkergarden’s Fun Activities For Kids

  1. Get Muddy – It might be messy, but mud can be a powerful learning tool to drive creativity. And with the use of hands, leaves, and sticks the kids can do a lot of things to have a multi-sensory experience as they get to make mud sculptures in various shapes.
  2. Nature’s Car Wash – Let your kids bring their favorite toy cars and trucks and wash their playthings with non-toxic earth-friendly soaps. Surely, they’ll have a blast as they scrub and make suds while parents can relax a bit as if they are being treated inside a little spa inside Rose Park. Learn more

The purpose of the activity is to let the children get in touch with their senses and to make them feel relaxed while playing with other kids.

  1. Set Colors Free! – This activity involves the use of an old white sheet or a clear shower curtain that is tied up between 2 trees and some mason jars filled with washable paint. Then let the kids make their own art masterpieces using a paintbrush or bundled grass, Just make sure to place an old cloth underneath their canvas so the paint won’t drip on the ground.
  2. Bubbles! – Bring a bubble juice made of water, dish soap, and glycerine along with pipe cleaners, twigs, and a bucket and help your child how to make bubbles in different sizes. And as you play together, the Tinkergarden leader will teach the kids the different parts of the body by letting the bubble pop into a particular body part.
  3. Thank You, Parks – In this activity, every child is asked to write, paint, or draw a thank you note to park rangers for the things they do every day to keep the park beautiful. The purpose of this activity is to promote creativity and gratitude as well as knowledge gathering so they can make a more detailed note for their recipients. Discover More about Salt Lake City here

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