Asphalt Paving Services in Orem, Utah

At A-Rock Asphalt Services, we’re proud to serve as your top asphalt paving specialists in Orem, Utah and surrounding areas. We’ve assisted Utahns with all their asphalt paving and repair needs for years, ensuring surfaces are not only gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing, but also safe and free of hazards.

For those looking for simple repairs, sealing or re-painting on existing asphalt surfaces, we’re on the job. If you require new asphalt paving or striping for a lot or surface, we’ll assist with everything from clearing the original area to final paving and striping. Call us today to learn about all our high-quality asphalt services offered.

No-Obligation Consultation

First and foremost, for those who are unsure of their needs and looking for cost estimates and quotes, we’re happy to provide them. We’ll sit down with you for a free, no-obligation consultation where we go over your budget and asphalt needs, then discuss the most cost-effective way to achieve them.

When finished, we’ll provide you a comprehensive estimate for services. While this estimate may vary based on precise equipment and material needs, it serves as an ideal benchmark for you to work from – and there’s no obligation or fee whatsoever.

Our Asphalt Services

The asphalt services we’re happy to offer you include:

  • Asphalt paving: We are capable of creating new asphalt paving for a variety of surface sizes, from smaller areas like patios or driveways to entire commercial parking lots and larger swaths.
  • Asphalt striping: We’ll also professionally place any lines or markings you require on your lot.
  • Coating and sealing: To keep your asphalt surfaces protected from damage and various elements, we’ll also provide you with coating and sealing for both new and existing asphalt surfaces.
  • Patching: In cases where existing asphalt has undergone minor damage, we’ll provide basic patching and other repairs as-needed.
  • Concrete: We also offer several concrete services for those with such surfaces present.

The A-Rock Team

Throughout the process of a consultation or any of our asphalt services, you’ll be assisted by a high-quality team of asphalt professionals. All our asphalt technicians are rigorously screened and trained before becoming licensed to work on your property, and we provide the proper insurance coverage for all jobs. We also offer only transparent, honest pricing structures that allow you to get a clear idea of any work being performed before we begin the process.

For more on any of our asphalt paving services in Orem, Utah, speak to the staff at A-Rock Asphalt Services today.

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